Letters of a Deadman - Part II - Don't Look Back

from by Apple Pie



Don’t Look Back

So many superstitions
Bring us to the loss of faith
Endless premonition
Of something that we are afraid of, something we hate

Useless simulation
Of feelings that we haven’t got
So it has nothing to do with the things
The meaning of which we forgot

Tell me what’s on your mind
And I’ll do my best to take your fears away
To take ’em all away
Don’t look back at things that you have done
But mind you always have to pay
For all of your mistakes

Now remember there is
No easy way to get a place under the sun
All the weight you carry
Is printed on you face, so you can’t run
From your own reflection
‘Cause there’s no exit door
Choose the right direction
Otherwise you will be torn

Don’t look back into your past
Don’t try so hard ’cause you’re not the last
One who’s broken all the rules
And turned away from the wrong way

You’ve been misunderstood
And have not known what’s bad and what’s good
Now you’ve got your own view
So make a change
Get something new
And rearrange
All you knew

Tell what’s on your mind
And I will take all of your fears away
Don’t look back at things you’ve done
But know you always have to pay

Seems there’s nothing fair in life
All we have is disappointment and pain
I keep trying to realize
Why the world is so insane

Shepherds are playing strings of lies
And sheep are listening with the widely opened eyes
And this pointless symphony
Brings ‘em hope but not to me


from The Gates of Never, released April 5, 2013
Music by Vartan Mkhitaryan
Lyrics by Vartan Mkhitaryan



all rights reserved


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